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Daksh is one of the Prajapatis and the mind born son of Bramha the god of creation.He was born from right thumb of Lord Bramha.He was a devotee of Lord Vishnu. He was the father of Sati,the consort of Lord Shiva.He is noted for his hatred towards Shiva. Due to a misunderstanding.Once Daksha organised a Grand Yagya and all gods and rishis were invited.When He himself entered the grand ceremony, all the gods and rishis stood up in order to greet him with honor. However shiv was still seated.This angered Daksha and he in arrogence and pride saw shiva as nothing but a egoistic hermit who has no honor for anybody. He also then wished to break all bonds from his dear daughter Dakshyaini(daughter of daksha also sati).Soon he again organised a Grand yajna ceremony but this time, he didnt invite his daughter sati and son in law shiv.When sati heard about the Grand and holy yagya then she wished to join her family but shiva warned her that only ill will and insults await them there.Ignoring her husbands advise sati with a strong will went to attained the yagya but as Shiv had predicted, Daksha insulted shiv so much that poor sati couldn't bear it and soon from her tapobal, burned her self.Shiv couldnt bare the loss of his beloved and from his matted hair created veerbhadra(a guardian of shiva) and ordered him to Slay daksha and destroy the yagya and so,Daksha was killed by Veerabhadra,later after the plea of the gods,Shiva restored his life with a goat's head. When King Himavan and Parvati came to Kashi, Daksh warned him to treat Parvati nicely, so Himavan would not have the same fate as Daksha.