EPISODE 129- 17 May, 2012

Lord Vishnu tries to persuade Daksh to ask for forgiveness from Lord Shiva, but Daksh is in no mood to listen. Lord Vishnu creates an army, but Virabhadra kills most of them. Finally, Lord Vishnu immobilises Virabhadra. Seeing this, Virabhadra says that he cannot fight Lord Vishnu as he was dear to Lord Shiva. Lord Vishnu replies by saying that he is forced to protect Daksh due to his commitment. Observing the situation, Lord Shiva removes another lock of his hair and Bhadrakali appears. He orders her to provoke Virabhadra to battle. Absorbing Bhadrakali, Virabhadra releases from the shangles created by Lord Vishnu. Seeing Virabhadra still fighting, Daksh insults Lord Vishnu by saying that maybe he had no intention of commiting to his vow. Lord Vishnu replies by saying that he was committed to protect Daksh , not his life and goes away. The deities pray to Lord Brahma to stop Mahadev's retaliation to Sati's death. Lord Vishnu appears near them and predicts Daksh's death. Meanwhile, Daksh challenges Virabhadra in the battle field and tries to use his powers to defeat him, but in vain. Lord Vishnu and Brahma apologize to Mahadev and pray him to protect the universe from destruction. Lord Vishnu persuades Mahadev to bestow peace to Sati's soul by performing her cremation. Mahadev breaks into tears recalling Sati.

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