EPISODE 47- 9 February 2012

Prajapti Daksh calls the world's best Vaids(doctors) to cure Sati (Ashwini Kumars) who are even sons of Brahma and Daksh's brothers,but they fail to cure her. Daksh orders the nav grahs(9 planets) to save Sati with their power but even they cannot bring Sati back from her yog nidraa. Chandrama is insulted by Daksh as his belief that his son-in-law (Chandra) is a secret devotee of Lord Shiva is reinforced by the fact that Shiva's raga was played at his behest by the Raginis in the court room. Feeling insulted, Chandrama asks Rohini, his wife, to get ready to leave Daksh's palace; however Revati (his second wife)stops him. At Kailash Rishi Dadhichi and Rishi Kashyap see that Mahadev is in the state of Samadhi from which he cannot be disturbed. They pray to him to come out from his Samadhi and save Sati till sunset or else forever she'll be in chir yog nidraa.

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