EPISODE 6 - 23 December 2011

Khyati pleads her husband, Sapta Rishi Bhrigu to talk to her father about subjugating the crudity of Sati's punishment. Instead, Rishi Bhrigu admires Daksh's decision by calling him a great king. A displeased Prasuti tries to bring alive the caring father hidden behind King Daksh's heartless principles. But, Daksh dismisses her pleas as he is too immersed in his plans to destroy Shiva's existence. Lord Brahma comes to Lord Vishnu seeking a solution to Daksh's heightening arrogance which might lead to his destruction. Goddess Lakshmi reminds them about Daksh's daughter, Sati, a descendant of Goddess Shakti, who will become Shiva's consort.

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