EPISODE 76- 12 March 2012

Narad Muni, Chandrama and Nandi request Lord Shiva to visit Sati, but in vain. Prasuti forces Bhrigu Maharishi to take the responsibilities of Sati's marriage. She insists Daksh to reconsider Sadbhish as an appropriate groom for Sati. Asur Chakri suggests Tarakasur to kill Sati before the marriage. Revati tries to convince Sati, but in vain. Prasuti and her daughters Aditi, Revati prepares Sati to get ready for her engagement. The joy is shortlived as the needle-pin kept to decorate Sati falls on her foot and cuts through a vein, causing blood to flow. Sati, who already is in a devasted state of mind, falls unconscious on this loss of blood.

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