EPISODE 77- 13 March 2012

After realizing that Sati is in pain and lost consciousness, Lord Shiva performs Tandav. Looking at Sati's critical condition, a distressed Prasuti wants Rishi Kashyap to heal her. Revati takes the blood-tainted bead of Rudraksh to Kailash and show him the bead which has Sati's blood and implores him to accepts Sati. Shiva decides to take human form for Sati. Lord Brahma appears and praises Mahadev, and Nandi is elated to know Mahadev's change of heart. However, Mahadev warns that though He is going to take a human form to protect Sati and save her from further injury, He would not marry her, as Sati is still not matured to be able to take the Supreme Lord as her husband.

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