EPISODE 79- 15 March 2012

Prasuti tells Daksh that even looking at Sadbhish she feels terrible and everytime Daksh chose a husband for their daughters she kept quiet because he would promise her that the husband for Sati will be the very best and the greatest of all, but now he has chosen a person for Sati who is undeserving for her. Bhrigu interrupts the conversation saying that Rishi Angira is very angry with the ill respect shown and he demands to see Daksh right now. Daksh goes to him and Rishi Angira decided to leave saying that in Daksh's house they dont see brains instead of beauty. Daksh stops him and goes to make Prasuti say yes. Prasuti comes to Sati's room and tells Sati that her father has betrayed her and asks Sati to say no , but Sati says that she has promised to which Prasuti says that she , daughter of Manu and wife of Prajapati Daksh frees Sati from the promise. Daksh enters hearing this and Prasuti and Daksh again engage in conversation and Daksh says that Sadbhish is very intelligent and Sati knows that intelligence is more important that appearance. Daksh asks Sati to decide. Sati almost faints but is held by Aditi and Khyati. Sati says that she is ready for the wedding. Prasuti tells Daksh that she will give up food and water and if the wedding takes place she will give up her life.

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