EPISODE 80- 17 March 2012

Daksh and Prasuti are in the room and Daksh is praying to Lord Vishnu asking him what sin has he done that his own family members do not believe his decisions. Lord Brahma comes there and tells them that he had asked Daksh to choose Sadbhish for the good of Sati, so there is a way of making Sadbhish handsome but it is difficult. Daksh asks him what is the way to which Brahma says that there is a sculptor Jata who creates wonders in his arts to which Daksh asks what is so difficult in that, he will call him immediately. Brahma says that is the difficult part, he (Jata) only comes on his own wish, even if Tridev call him he would not come if he doesn't want to. After Brahma goes, Daksh asks Prasuti if she is happy to which she says that she will still continue her fast till Sadbhish is handsome. Rishi Angira and his son are talking, Sadbhish says that he wanted to remain a bachelor and gain more knowledge to which Angira tells that by Sadbhish getting married to Sati he will get half of the power so its Sadbhish's duty to fullfill his fathers wishes. Daksh enters and tells them how Sadbhish can become handsome. Meanwhile in Vishnulok, Lord Vishnu asks Lakshmi whether she is ready to play her part in the plan to which she agrees. Daksh sets off to find Jataa and meets an old woman ( Devi Lakshmi in disguise) on his way with her daughter. Daksh is wondering where is the mountain to which the old woman says that it is present but he cannot see it because to see the Jateshwar (Jataa), he has to get down from his high seat in the elephant (he is travelling on a elephant with his guards, Amatya, Rishi Bhrigu and Kashyap accompanying him)and when Daksh gets down she says that he has to come without his people as Jataa should not feel that he is showing off his powers and he can come with her as she is going there too.

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