EPISODE 81- 18 March 2012

Revati arranges an escape for Sati from the palace, she asks her to run away and be with Shiva, but Sati refuses. Daksh along with Lakshmi reached the Jateshwar mountain. Sati's clothes cathes fire, but Revati extinguishes them by puttting water on them. After this, Sati is not feeling well. Daksh finds Nandi (In disguise of Jataa's servant Sevakram) at the entrance. As usual, Daksha haughtily asks Nandi (in disguise) to lead to Jata; however, Nandi takes Daksha to task by asking him to get some water from below the mountain in a pot. Daksh asks for forgiveness and now requests him to be led to Jata. Nandi relents and takes Daksh to Jata, where Mahadev (in disguise as Jata) sees Daksh, and gives the serene smile.

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