EPISODE 82- 19 March 2012

Jata(Lord Shiva in disguise) turning towards Sevakram (Nandi),sees the old lady (Lakshmi), her daughter and Daksh.He asks Sevakram who are these people to which sevak Nandi replies that they have come to see you.The old lady tells him that the girl along with her wants her daughter's statue to be made as it will get life and she will have her real daughter back. Jata makes a statue imagining what the girl must have imagined of her daughter and Daksh is pleased looking at the statue as he really wanted to know if the sculptor is that great as mentioned by Brahma.Then Jata asks Daksh why he came and to which Daksh replies that he wants to get a statue of Sadbhish done as he is getting Sati and Satbhish married and Satbhish is not handsome. Nandi breaks in saying that Sati is Shiva’s lover and Sadbhish is the last choice and all this drama of getting the statue is because of his arrogance of not agreeing for Sati & Shiva's marriage.Lakshmi smiles looking at Nandi's childish anger. Nandi tries to make Jata say no but Jata agrees and goes away inside. Nandi tells Daksh that Jata may get angry if he does not get a good welcome and Sati for whom all this is being done has to be present to welcome him. Daksh goes back and breaks the news of getting Jata to everyone and says that Jata should be well welcomed and Sati has to be there to welcome him. Everyone is shocked thinking how can Sati, who is completely bedridden, get up and welcome Jata. Prasuti is not yet believing that a ordinary sculptor can make Sadbhish handsome but agrees to stand with Daksh to give the idea a try. Jata is seen singing Vishnu bhajan in a beautiful voice in the streets and everyone is dazzled by his voice. Daksh and his family come out to see who is singing so well and they see Jata and his sevak. Sati who is bedridden is miraculously cured and comes to the main hall and comes forward to see Jata. Daksh wonders how Sati got cured and Jata sees Sati and Nandi looks like he will cry in that minute itself looking at Sati. Jataa goes forward and Sati stares at him and they have a long eye contact.

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