EPISODE 86- 24 March 2012

Daksh asks Jata to give him some time to consult Prasuti. An innocent boy, Sukarna, tries to pluck a fruit from a tree which has a Shivling under it. He climbs on the Shivling, and in the plucking act, some Bel leaves fall on the shivling, thereby, mistakenly worshipping the Shivling, but a brahmin comes and yells at the boy for disrespecting the Shivling. However, Shiva is pleased and appears before him and asks what he wants. Sukarna first asks for some fruits, which he gets and then requests Shiva that he wants his uncle to come to visit to him and his mother. Shiva grants him the boon. Prasuti refuses to let Sati go with Jata. Sukarna tells his mother about the boon he gets by Shiva. Sukarna's mother Shanta gets upset that how can his brother comes to visit, while he died eight years ago. Sukarna and his mother hears the voice and looked outside, Jata imposes as Sukarna's uncle and visits them.

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