EPISODE 87- 25 March 2012Edit

Jata imposes as Sukarna's uncle and gives him toys and sweets. Shanta realises that he is Shiva, who comes to fulfill his boon he gave to Sukarna. Shiva makes Shanta his sister and promises that whenever Sukarna needs his uncle he will be here. Revati brings Sati to the river and tries to arrange another escape for her to Kailash. A crocodile tries to attack Sati on the river bank, but Jata reaches in time and saves her. Though astonished, Sevakram (Nandi in disguise) helps to clear the air by creating a talk of Jata's vast knowledge apart from his sculptural skills. Sukarna, who followed Jata sees Sati and mistakenly called her aunt. Sati is surprised to hear Sukarna's words, and tells that she would complain to Daksh about this "impudence".Edit

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