EPISODE 88- 26 March 2012

Sevakram explains Sati the misundertanding created by Sukarna. Revati arranges a boat which would take Sati to Kailash. Jata (Shiva) makes a hole in the boat by using his powers and the boat sinks. Revati then has no option but to take Sati back to the palace and have Jata and Sevakram follow them. She then tries to get rid of both of them by telling that as the Sun has not yet set, they have no need of accompanying them. But Lord Shiva uses his powers again to make the Sun set. Angira gives a final deadline of the following day's sunset to Daksh for getting the marriage to happen between Sati and Sadbhish. Jata says to Sevakram that as long as Sati' promise to Daksh didn't break, Sati will never become happy again. Daksh asks Jata another option to complete Sadbhish's statue till tomorrow. Jataa, with the serene smile, suggests that he should pray to the God in which he believes so that the right way is shown to him.

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