EPISODE 90- 28 March 2012

Sati is tormented on learning Lord Shiva's decision to get Sadbhish married to her. Tarakasur calls Vritrasur and makes a plan to kill Sati. Revati tries to persuades Sati to marry Mahadev, but in vain. Sati then explains to Revati how Shiva himself wants Sati to marry Sadbhish. Prajapati Daksh and Prasuti exhilarate Jata to revamp Sadbhish's image. However, Sati is inconsolable as she incredibly loves Lord Shiva. Sati tells Shiva that even if she get married to someone else, she will never stop to love him. She then leaves abruptly, yet Jata completes Sadbhish's statue and Sadbhish becomes handsome. Vritrasur then possesses Sadbhish' body.

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