EPISODE 99 - 7 April

Brahma appears and orders Daksh to accepts Sati and Shiva's marriage, but Daksh refuses. Then the surroundings shake violently and Vishnu appears.In rage, he warns Daksh that if he tries to separate Sati from Shiva, he will be no longer his devotee. Daksh does not want to lose Vishnu's blessings and agrees to accepts Shiva. However, he takes a vow from Vishnu that he would side with him only in case of any future eventuality, to which Vishnu agrees. Finally, Shiva and Sati get married. All present there, including Nandi, Dadhichi are highly elated and the cries of "Har Har Mahadev" (Long Live Mahadev) fills the palace. Daksh cannot do anything but to watch the scene unfolding.

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