Vritrasur is a powerful demon warrior and usually comes during rainy season. Lord Shiva had defeated him while protecting Sati. Presently, he is plotting with Tarakasur to kill Sati.

  • Vritrasur in vapour form
  • Vritrasur
  • Vritrasur preparing to possess Sadbhish
  • Sadbhish possessed by Vritrasur
  • Vritrasur getting removed from Sadbhish
  • Vritrasur removed from Sadbhish
  • Vritrasur's new form against Lord Shiva
  • Vritrasur v/s Lord Shiva
  • Vritrasur's close-up
  • Vritrasur firing energy beams at Lord Shiva, who is defending himself with energy shield
  • Vritrasur's normal form without powers.